I see everything as a unity structured by small different monads. My connection with Theology and Philosophy forms my way of thinking, seeing, perceiving and shapes my artistic-aesthetic interpretation. In my theoretical and art praxis i am engaged with the act of creating as  Mysterium tremendum et fascinans (R. Otto).

My thesis research is entitled ”Multiple visual interpretations of religiosity and the sacred. Cases of krypto-religious art in the Greek visual art sphere”.The research is conducted across an array of fields, art, theology and anthropology, aiming at fresh depictions and conceptualisations of the notions of religiosity, sacredness and sacrilegiousness in a disenchanted world. Artistic practice is approached as a mysterium fascinosum et tremendum, as something that simultaneously generates attraction and fear since it portrays the invisible, the unbuilt but also the built (as a desecrated construct).

The main problematic is focusing on the notion of “kryptoreligious behaviour” in a secularised social framework; consequently, “kryptoreligious art” is defined and delineated by use of examples drawn from the international visual arts scene. Emphasis is put on the work of contemporary Greek avant-garde artists (1970-1990). Their work is examined to the wider framework of ideas widespread in the Greek and global culture and juxtaposed to the aforementioned notions on the basis of their title, the selection of material and symbols, or the choice of location for the action. The evolvement of artistic religious references is traced through the study of specific works of the Greek avant-garde.