20182021        PHD, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

2016-2018          Master in Modern Greek Philology, University of Crete, Greece

 2013-2015          Theology in Orthodox Onderwijs, Theologisch Instituut Saint-Serge, Gent, Belgium 

2013-2014           Master of Research in Art and Design at Campus Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium

2011-2012            Master in Fine Arts at Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten,Antwerp, Belgium

2009-2010          Fine arts (Schilderkunst ) at Akademie der Bildenten Künst, Munich, Germany

2006-2011           BA in Fine Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece



2021-    academic scholarship / adjunct Professor at University of Peloponnese-Faculty of Fine Arts

2020-2021  academic scholarship / at the Painting Workshop D of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

2021 Funding by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the exhibition” Iera Polis I/eromeni ”curated as COMOTIRIO

20192021   PhD candidate at the Athens School of Fine Arts with the support of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation.

2019     NEON Organization for Culture and Development,  grant for the exhibition «Let’s Supper, Mr. Iolas / Resurrection RE» curated as COMOTIRIO

2009             3d Award, art competition organized by the Hellenic Post Bank


Solo Projects

2021 “Flowers-Plants-Decorations”, pop-up art event @ the Syntagma Flower Shops, Athens
2019 “Beauty Temple”, homonymous show, Stoa 42, Athens
2018 “Βeauty + Butterflies= Gold YOLO”, Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki
2014 “Latent Lines”, site-specific, BRDG Project, Antwerp, Belgium


Curating aka COMOTIRIO

2022 «BFFEAE (best friends forever and ever)», group exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Kallithea «Sofia Laskaridou», Athens GR

2021 «PETDEMONIUM», art event / group exhibition @ The Creatures Pet Shop & Grooming, Athens GR

2021 ”Iera Polis I/eromeni ”, Salt Museum, Messolonghi Lagoons, Tourlida, Messolonghi GR

2020“The Love Boat”, Athens Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot, Athens GR

2019 «Blablablack», Rebound Club, Athens GR

2019   «Let’s Supper, Mr. Iolas / Resurrection RE», Villa Iolas, Athens GR supported by NEON Organization for Culture and Development and Marni Films Independent Film  Production Company


Workshops / Residencies 

2022 «Virtual Workspaces / Screen DIY: Space & Object Performance»,
workshop by Euripides Laskaridis / OSMOSIS, Onassis Stegi & Studio Teatrgaleria

2021 “Bang Bang: A Cake of 200 Candles and One Wish”, mixed media sculpture, as COMOTIRIO

2021 Creator “Creator Doctus”/ Workshop, Nida Art Colony, Art Residency, Lithuania

2019 «Criss-Cross 2», open workshop and art interventions, ASFA / A-DASH, Athens

2018 Gynaikopeda, group workshop,TWIXTlab, Athens

2015 Resident artist at  Moe Residency, Vienna

2012 Symprovisation, collaborative workshop at Extra City, Antwerp

2012 “The Body Is a Shelter”, live fashion workshop, Athens Fashion Week, Τεχνόπολις
Γκάζι, Αθήνα



2022 «Pektries / Sikinos Edition», video performance,COMMUNALITY: 4th Little Islands Festival on Moving Image & Sound, (Sikinos,2022) | «E.N. + BFFEAE KIT / COMOTIRIO VERSION», site-specific installation, Municipal Gallery of Kallithea «Sofia Laskaridou”, (Athens,2022) | «BURN IN / +Oikismos 3rd edition», open-air exhibition, Synoikismos / Refugee Settlement in Chalandri, (Athens,2022) | Home Sweet Home, Gregor Samsa had a dream@ The Creatures Pet Shop & Grooming, (Athens,2021) |  GR’TRISKELE’ @ Antidotes / Mykonos Biennale 1821-2021 (Mykonos,2021)|‘Salty issues, Daddy issues + flamingos on purple background”, Salt Museum, Messolonghi Lagoons, Tourlida, (Messolonghi 2021) | OMG, Den Ine Agapi Auto Pou Zoume Aka Mikros Titanikos”, Athens Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot (Athens 2020) | Kypselian Salon, group show at Snehta Residency,(Athens 2019) | aspro pato! site – specific installation at  Rebound Club (Athens 2019) | Criss-Cross 2,  ASFA / A-DASH, (Athens 2019) | Ela N’ Agapithoume, Darling + Little Death, site-specific installation at Villa Iolas (Athens 2019) | beauty temple, in situ installation at Stoa 42 (Athens 2019) | 24 sing-song, in situ installation at Vila Iola (Athens 2018) | processinganextraction / επεξεργάζοντας την πόλη, at Technological Cultural Park Lavrio (Athens 2018)  | We dream awake, group exhibition at Romantso (Athens 2018)  | ‘To tragoudi tou aderfoy mou’, live project at TWIXTlab (Athens 2018)  |  Βeauty+butterflies= gold YOLO, Solo exhibition at Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki, April 2018  | They can not die, collaborative project at LLS (Antwerp, 2015)  |  No, solo project at Moe Residency (Vienna,2015)  |  Plasticintercourse, group exhibition at Borg 2014 (Antwerp, 2014)  |  Latent Lines, solo project at BRDG (Antwerp, 2014)  |  Us, group exhibition at Hole of the Fox (Antwerp, 2014)  |  Plastic love or I am plastic, project at Hole of the Fox (Antwerp, 2013)   |  Symprovisation, collaborative project at Extra City (Antwerp, 2012), THE STORE, group exhibition in Ermou 112 (Athens, 2012)  |  The body is a shelter, Athens Fashion Week (Athens, 2012), International Art Meeting, group exhibition (Munich, 2010)   |  Bi-polar syndrome in Art, group exhibition Athens (Athens, 2010)  |  Freigeist x Kunst, 3 months project at UdK (Berlin, 2008)




«Reflections in Gold: A Comparative Analysis on Maria Hassabi and Stephen Antonakos», at the «1st Terra (in) Cognita International Conference:Dialogues between Greek Culture and Modern American Art»,Hellenic American University – HAU, Athens (upcoming, 10-13 Nov 2022) as COMOTIRIO

«Ο Ξένιος Δίας δεν ήταν στο Χαλάνδρι», συνέδριο ‘Επανεκτιμώντας τη Μικρασιατική Καταστροφή (1922-2022)’, Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης. (upcoming, Oct. 2022) 

«Karkavitsas and Brecht Strolling in Athens», international conference, «Andreas Karkavitsas and His Time: Literature, Language, Politics», Municipal Library of Lechaina, Lechaina GR (upcoming, 4-6 Nov 2022) as COMOTIRIO

«Βλασφημία και προσβολή του θρησκευτικού συναισθήματος στην Ελλάδα», international conference “You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! Old and new forms of censorship“, Τμήμα Πολιτικής. Επιστήμης και Ιστορίας, Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο.

 “Pektries: A Series of Site-Specific Performances”, Performance Conference “Theoretical Approaches & Practical Applications”, University of Patras, Patras GR as COMOTIRIO


«Ο Παπαδιαμάντης ως Ταυτοτικό Σημείο Αναφοράς στο Εικαστικό Έργο του Μάριου Σπηλιόπουλου», 4Th International Conference on Alexandros Papadiamantis, National Library of Greece, 2021

”Αquatic and the Terroir: The Acarnanic “Fisherman”, 4th international cycladological conference,
Society for Cycladic Studies, Tinos GRc as COMOTIRIO

“Meta-Experiential Negotiations with History: Contemporary Art and the Revolution of ’21”, scientific
conference “The Revolution of 1821 in Crete”, Historical, Folklore and Archaeological Society of
Crete, Chania

«Narratives of Salt and Tephra: From the Lagoon of Messolonghi to the Volcanic Complex of Santorini»,
in the context of «Under the Landscape» project by Boulouki research collaborative, Thera & Therasia GR

“Meta-Experiential Negotiations with History: Contemporary Art and the Revolution of ’21”, scientific conference “The Revolution of 1821 in Crete”, Historical, Folklore and Archaeological Society of Crete, Chania GR as COMOTIRIO

‘’Christos Iokeimidis and the Greek post- Avant-garde’, “Deutsch-griechische Verflechtungen in den Künsten von 1821 bis 2021”, Freie Universität Berlin, Webex, 2021

«Η τέχνη του γκράφιτι ως προσευχή και λειτούργημα», Β´ Διεπιστημονικό Συνέδριο, Ανώτατη Εκκλησιαστική Ακαδημία Αθήνας. 2021

«Ιεροποίηση και Τελετουργία του Βανδαλισμού στο Αθηναϊκό Τοπίο», ’Aesthetics Of Everyday Life In Contemporary Cities’’, 8th Mediterranean Congress For Aesthetics,Webinar 2021

«Cavafy-Iolas: Pleasures of Memory, Senses and Philosophy», Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Thessaloniki 2019 as COMOTIRIO

«From Laboratory to Project: A Particular Exhibition for the Celebration of the Ninety Years of the Bauhaus in Weimar», at the international conference «Bauhaus and Greece», New Benaki Museum, Athens 2019 as COMOTIRIO

«The Greek society through the movies The Downfall (1961) and Law 4000 (1962)», at the conference «Approaches to Greek Film History», Rethymno, Crete, 2018



2022 «BURN IN», exhibition catalogue, Rematia Festival 2022, Athens GR

2022    «Η τέχνη του γκράφιτι ως προσευχή και λειτούργημα », στο Ιερωσύνη, Εθνεγερσία, Σύγχρονη Ζωή,  συλλογικός τόμος, εκδόσεις Γρηγόρη, Athens GR

2021 «3rd Messolonghi by Locals Festival», art exhibition «Iera Polis / I-Eromeni», supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture, festival catalogue, Messolonghi GR

2021 Stergiou N.; Veneri E., From Laboratory to Project: A Special Exhibition for the Celebration of the Ninety Years of Bauhaus in Weimar», paper in the collective volume«Bauhaus and Greece (ed: Giacoumacatos A.; Georgiadis S.), Kapon Editions, Athens GR

2019 ‘To tragoudi tou aderfou mou’, self-publication, in memoriam, Athens GR

2019 Stergiou N.; Veneri E., «From Laboratory to Project: A Special Exhibition for the Celebration of the Ninety Years of Bauhaus in Weimar», lecture and paper, audiovisual publication of the international conference «Bauhaus and Greece: The Idea of Synthesis in Art and Architecture», Benaki Museum, Athens GR
Youtube > Bauhaus Conference Athens 2019

2012-2013            The research in visual arts of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp Artesis University College

2012-2013            The List’/ art production-concept by Naira Stergiou for Campus Sint-Lucas, Antwerp