e.n. & bffeae kit | site-specific installation in the Municipal Gallery of Kallithea „Sofia Laskaridou”, Laskaridou 120, Kallithea|2022

The BFFEAE kit / COMOTIRIO version is part of a common installation with  Eriphyli Veneri for the group show BFFEAE (Best Friends Forever and Ever), consisting of two individual parts, honouring eachother:

E.N. by Eriphyli Veneri
Double portrait. Captures a non-artificial pose, an ordinary, everyday one. Idols in profile, frontal position, profile again. Confirms coexistence, closeness, a relationship, a bond. Delimits a shared space; between us, among us and the spirits. What is left: painting, evaporation, two horses and the irrational.

BFFEAE kit / COMOTIRIO version by Naira Stergiou
A bow, what a bow! Gift kit, anniversary every Documenta, the most stylish wardrobe, we count hair rollers and blow glitter, best wishes! Ftou-ftou skorda-skorda spells, λίντερ.