mixed media, tapes, marks, stickers, papers, sprays  , Back to Athens 6, international festival, 2018 at Vyssis & Agathonos Str.  1st floor.

I was asked to build an installation with the theme “Green Room”. The Green Room is a place for physical respiration. It is a space created by corporate structures to meet the need for discharging and relaxation, in line with demanding schedules and fast pacing work. The installation is an attempt to criticize modern working environment

On the top of the installation we can read the verse and the title of the greek hip hop song by Parafron (madman), «Δωμάτιο με θέα» – Room with a view-. The singer refers to his personal experience in a mental institute where he had been hospitalized for 18 years. For me it is more than cynical to “create a leisure space” in the working space because definitely it creates much more stress knowing that you have to relax and go back to work in 15’ or 30’. I see also a correlation between “Green Room” and the slogan from the concentration camps “Arbeit macht frei”  (work sets you free) and part of the installation are written slogans like “work+ love”,” joy is only at work”, “I work thus I exist”, “ I love only my work” etc.