Beauty temple |2019

Stoa 42

αινώς αθανάτησι θεής εις ώπα έοικεν
φρικτά  με τις αθάνατες θεές μοιάζει στην όψη.
η ομορφιά θα σώσει τον κόσμο
η ομορφιά θα πρέπει να σώσει τον κόσμο
αχ. ας σώσει η ομορφιά τον κόσμο
με μυστήριο υπέρ.
δέομαι. εγώ άκου.  εσύ
και δέξου. δέηση.

The artistic installation “Beauty Temple” by Eriphyli Veneri and Naira Stergiou is composed in different sculptures, devoted to the Sanctity of Beauty.

The invocation of the beautiful-Beautiful, the demonization of the horrible-Beautiful and the desire of the unattainable Beautiful, mutate into tangible entities and acquire materiality through flexible imitations of leather, shiny pearls, gold coins, along with materials for memorials, colourful butterflies and incense.

The aesthetic objects of the installation, arranged in a dramaturgic, almost ritual narration, display their double quality as literal objects and as significant marks, fetish-objects. As ritual references with metaphysical powers, magic thoughts and wishes for the discharge of the agony and the fulfilment of the dipper wishes and desires.

Toiletries and jewellery, crowns, gloves that cannot be worn, are dedicated for appeasing; prayers, ex-votos, offerings, spells, donations. Sacrifices. Everyone is welcome.
In the Temple of Beauty the Goddess is standing, listening. And demands

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