Ela na Agapithoume Darling + Little Death| 2019, Villa Iolas.

Ela na Agapithoume Darling, series of sculptures by Naira Stergiou.

sculptural installation,  mixed materials, variable dimensions

Apotropaic objects and a Satyr-guard for each banqueter, ensure the success of the Dionysian evening. Dinner is ready, the guests arrived. The evil is exorcised, the champagne bottles open. Cheers! Touto mi kai touto si / One for you and one for me / Ela na agapithoume, darling / free by the evil eye. Let the party begin!

Eiphyli Veneri’s fountain entitled Little Death is placed in the Garden of the amorous summer night. The evening’s climax, the moment between high and low, zenith and decline, is paralleled with the sensory and ephemeral erotic act and gastronomic pleasure. The sculpture is embellished with artificial as well as natural and edible flowers, which will be perished with the flow of time.

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